Tell the Wolves I’m Home: A playlist

When David Gutowski, aka Largehearted Boy, asked if I’d like to do a Book Notes playlist for Tell the Wolves I’m Home I was over the moon. Everyone has their ‘things’, and getting asked to do a Largehearted Boy Book Notes piece for my book was one of mine, not only because David has great taste and I love the books he chooses to support, but also because music played a huge part in my writing process. It was my time machine back to the place and time and emotion of my story. Whenever I felt a bit detached from the world of the book, whether because of time away from writing or just things in real life taking over, I knew I could rely on my Spotify playlist to take me back there. By the way, this is an excellent tip for any struggling writers out there. Make yourself a playlist. Works every time. So, here’s my annotated list of some of the music that helped form Tell the Wolves: