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Tell the Wolves I’m Home: A playlist

When David Gutowski, aka Largehearted Boy, asked if I’d like to do a Book Notes playlist for Tell the Wolves I’m Home I was over the moon. Everyone has their ‘things’, and getting asked to do a Largehearted Boy Book Notes piece for my book was one of mine, not only because David has great taste and I love the … Read More

The First Reading Group Event

A little while ago I received news that Macmillan, my UK publisher, was going to be launching a really interesting new program. They were running a competition to find twelve enthusiastic readers to form a reading groups panel. Panelists would get free books, meet authors and come in to London to discuss their take on books that seemed like they … Read More

Tell the Wolves I’m Home Reading Group playlist

Suggested by the Pan Macmillan Reading Group Panel:

‘Vox Vulgaris’ by Stella Splendens

‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ by Gotye

‘You’ve Got a Friend’ by James Taylor

‘Perfect Day’ by Lou Reed

‘Martha’s Harbour’ by All About Eve

‘Learning To Fly’ by Pink Floyd

‘The Last Good Day of the Year’ by Cousteau

‘You Never Know’ by Hattie Longfield… Read More