This is the Quiet Part

It has been a long–and I mean very long–time since I’ve popped in here to update this place. It’s a lot of fun to post updates when a book is freshly on the shelves–there’s news to link to, stuff is happening–but once all that is over, things quiet down and life goes back to normal. For me, that means a lot of time writing, which is, well, pretty boring for the outside world.

I’ve had so many readers write to ask about my second novel. It’s wonderful to know that there are readers out there waiting. Really fantastic. A huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to get in touch. I can say that I am working on that second novel. I’m a slow writer, so I can’t give any real sense of when to expect my next book, but I am writing all the time and trying to work my way to a novel I am happy to share with the world.

On a slightly more exciting and less quiet note, I’ve also been doing some work on a Tell the Wolves I’m Home screenplay. I hope to have more news on that project soon. Meanwhile, I’m going to enjoy the quiet and best part of writing…the writing!


PS–Apologies to anyone who saw my October 2013 events listed here and understandably thought they were October 2014 events. I really really hope nobody has turned up at those venues expecting me.